Ring FocusBoard L-vorm Lucht Blauw

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FocusBoard L-shape

The L-shaped FocusBoard is the perfect concentration screen for the classroom. The effective design allows you to separate a block of 4 desks with only 2 FocusBoards, or a student can choose to create a temporary, low-stimulus workplace. Do you have a height difference in your students’ desks? No problem with Focusboard.

Dimensions FocusBoard L-shape: 100 cm long and 40 cm wide. In the L-shape, the Focusboard has a size of 60 cm long and 40 cm deep and 40 cm high. As a result, the concentration screen is not on the very edge of the desks and can take a beating without falling off the desk.

FocusBoard has been developed in such a way that all risks of frequently used concentration screens have been removed. For example, the L-shaped FocusBoard weighs only 400 grams, while other concentration screens weigh up to 8.1 KG. FocusBoard is the concentration screen that you will use every day for better performance.

FocusBoard materials used have been carefully selected. The concentration screen is made of high-quality plastic material and is fully recyclable. The magnets retain their strength for decades and can always be used for other purposes.

Benefits of a FocusBoard:

  • Students perform better
  • Set-up within seconds
  • Packed away within seconds
  • Requires minimal space
  • Sustainable
  • Moisture and water resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Not on the very edge of the desk
  • Unique easy-fold system
  • Designed to enhance the teacher experience
  • Group based learning to provide an inclusive environment
  • Hygienic
  • Perfect for uneven desk heights
  • Kid-proof design allows for years of use
  • Finished with rubber tape for grip
  • Easy to keep clean

Below a number of frequently asked questions:

How does FocusBoard work? FocusBoard hangs ready for use in the classroom. Through the ring at the end of the FocusBoard, every student can grab his or her own FocusBoard. With a very small movement you can remove the lightweight FocusBoard from the holder.

How does FocusBoard stay in the L shape? By means of the patented magnetic hinge, every student can get FocusBoard in the L shape and FocusBoard remains in the necessary shape to remain standing.

Can you easily store FocusBoard again? With the same ease with which you take the FocusBoard from the holder, you can also place the concentration screen back on the holder. No problems with queues and congestion. Very handy.

How high do you place the holder? You can hang the holder based on the height of the students. Always place the holder above 20 cm higher than the height of the students. This prevents them from bumping their heads against the container.

Does FocusBoard take up a lot of space? No absolutely not. The screens are 5 mm thick and 40 cm wide. With the specially developed holder, 5 to 10 FocusBoards take up only 40 cm of the wall and protrude only 10 cm from the wall.

How long is the warranty? We have a 12-month warranty, but foresee a much longer lifespan. FocusBoard is designed to take a beating.

Order a FocusBoard discount package now and start with this great tool.

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