Is Focusboard new?

Focusboard is a new product and invented because headphones don’t mute all outside stimulants. For example, the student that causes negative attention. After speaking with several students, we came to the conclusion that there is a lot of improvement to be made over headphones.

How quick is it to set up a Focusboard?

Within seconds, a Focusboard can be grabbed and placed.

How fast can you pack up a Focusboard?

Within seconds a Focusboard can be packed up again. Focusboards can be hung by magnets whereby you avoid queues when packing up. Of course we have options without magnets too. These work by using rings to hang the Focusboards. Hereby however you do run the risk that Focusboard can be broken by pulling it down, and hence the patented hanging method using magnetic energy. Durable and educational.

How does Focusboard work?

Focusboard hangs ready for use in the classroom and take up very little space being only 10mm thick. Students can easily grab Focusboards themselves, place them, and return them on the dedicated Focusboard hanger. Because there is no resistance when grabbing Focusboards they don’t break or get damaged upon packing up.

In the patented Focusboard you’ll find a protected joint design. This works through magnetic attraction. They clamp together within seconds forming a 90-degree corner that lets you place the Focusboard. Packing up is even simpler. You grab the Focusboard on the side with the magnet and stick it to the hanger. Simple, educational, and fun.

Is a Focusboard sustainable?

Focusboard is durable and sustainable by design. It’s made to last for years. For a small investment the entire class can be provided with a daily, temporary, outside stimulus free environment. Through is durable design and recyclable material, Focusboard is absolutely sustainable. Focusboard is made from 100% recycled material. 

How long does a Focusboard last?

After testing and improvements, we’ve designed the Focusboard to last for years. As it should be, and the material is completely recyclable. 


Is a holder absolutely necessary?

No, not at all, everything made of metal will suffice. The holder is specially designed and will last for decades. During the design we ensured there were no sharp edges. The holder sticks out only 10cm from the wall.

Does a Focusboard work better than headphones?

In combination with a Focusboard it’s the perfect solution. Our vision is that when all desks are temporarily outside-stimulus free, students can all concentrate perfectly, increase productivity, and also the quality of their work. As a teacher it’s also easy enforce a rule such as when Focusboards are in place, there needs to be calm and quiet in the class. A great tool for teacher too.

With Focusboard can I get an entire class to focus?

Yes, absolutely. Create the rule and every student can temporarily concentrate on his or her work when the Focusboard is up.

What is the delivery time for Focusboard?

Delivery time for the summer holidays of 2020 is that we will deliver all orders (pre-orders until 1 July 2020) in August 2020 when the schools start. Due to corona (Covid-19) we may experience some small delays, but that is not our expectation. All orders after 1 September 2020 will be delivered within a week.

Are Focusboards cleanable?

One of the beauties of the Focusboard is that its easily cleaned. Focusboard is made from high quality recycled plastic with open ribs, for hygiene and weight. Every student can place and pack it up.

I want to make my own Focusboard, is that possible?

Focusboard is patented and thereby protected by patent law. No infringement on the patent is allowed. Focusboards are very reasonably priced, sustainable, and made for years of enjoyment, such that it won’t pay off to make a reasonable alternative. The largest Focusboard costs 1 cent per school day. 20 EUR : 3 years lifespan : 130 school days : divided by the number of students (image you buy 6 Focusboards for a group of 24 students) = 0,005 cents

How long is the warranty for Focusboards?

We offer a 2-year warranty on the Focusboard with normal use. Damage to and on items that have been removed fall outside of warranty. We have however made provisions to the design that allow for easy repair to further extend its lifespan.

Is it possible to have Focusboards custom made to size?

This is possible; but will of course have an effect on price. We would love to get in touch. Send an email with your information to

I’m interested in Focusboard(s) for in our office space, is that possible?

That’s possible too. But of course, the price is different when products need to be made to measure. We would love to get in touch. Send an email with your information to

Can I order Focusboards with printed branding?

That is possible too and we would love to get in touch. We have the capability for this, but this does require the right communication. Do you already have a design? Provide us with this and let us know how many pieces you want to order and how many sides require branding. Send us an email with your information to

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