FocusBoard was created because a concerned parent took the problems of a grade 3 student seriously. Headphones are a nice solution, but there were still too many external stimuli. In this case the student opposite off her who still caused a lot of distraction. After all, a teacher cannot see everything.

The idea behind FocusBoard is that students can grab the FocusBoard within seconds, place it on the desk and put it away again. This is possible thanks to the durable solution.

Robin: “With FocusBoard it is my intention to let as many children as possible benefit from a low-stimulus workplace. I believe that a product should last for years and still be affordable. By making the choice of materials and the screen consist of 1 sheet, that succeeded. “

FocusBoard U-vorm Luchtblauw

With the FocusBoard in the L shape, it is possible with 2 FocusBoards to transform a block of 4 desks into workplaces where students can enjoy a low-stimulus working environment. Thanks to this form, the teacher can easily give an explanation to the student who needs some help.

With the U-shaped FocusBoard, it is possible to create a concentrated workplace with a single FocusBoard per student. All FocusBoards are lightweight and can be picked up, put on and put away even by the smallest students themselves.

FocusBoard has been developed in such a way that it is extremely durable. The magnets last forever and the FocusBoard 100% recyclable.

“We took a good look at the motor skills of the children and the space in a classroom. We also spoke with various educational professionals and listened to the arguments why the current concentration screens are not used often. The result is FocusBoard.”

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