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Why FocusBoard?

Research shows that 92% of the classes have 1 or more headphones in the classroom. Headphones aim to create a stimulus-free working environment for the students. Our research shows that many students do not benefit sufficiently from headphones whereas they are still distracted by movement of other students.

FocusBoard is the solution. Why? FocusBoard hangs in the classroom ready to be picked up by the student and immediately creates a bubble for to the of students so they can work on tasks or study . Perfect for all types of education.

FocusBoard U-vorm Luchtblauw

Design and effect

FocusBoard is designed in such a way the concentration screen can be used several times a day by different students in the classroom. The screen is lightweight and every student from the age of 5 can pick up the FocusBoard easily, place it on the desk and place it back on the holder.

Only 20 minutes of focus a day contributes already a lot to the performance of students!

Review of VanJufMarjan

In short…..

FocusBoard is a good solution for creating a low-stimulus work environment for children. With a FocusBoard you give children the opportunity to quickly and easily shut themselves off from the hectic pace of the classroom. Also for you as a teacher, this is a great tool to offer peace and space! The system is very useful in all types of education.

for Montessori education

“FocusBoard is a good resource for Montessori education. Montessori education places a lot of emphasis on independence and FocusBoard fits in well with this. We encourage students to make their own choices and because students can use the screens completely independently, it is a good tool. They are also very easy to handle and therefore we use the focus screens already used on a daily basis. We will definitely order more FocusBoards.”

Job Kooiman – Director of Montessori School Randstad in Almere

How to use a FocusBoard

Stap 1 Pak FocusBoard

Step 1. Student grabs a FocusBoard

Concentratiescherm FocusBoard L-vorm Offwhite

Step 2. Student set up FocusBoard herself

Concentratiescherm voor kinderen

Step 3. Immediate focus

Advantages of FocusBoard focus screens

  • Students focus better
  • Set-up within seconds
  • Fits on every desk
  • Requires minimal space at the wall
  • Sustainable and durable
  • Water and tear resistant
  • Provides teachers time to address students who need special attention
  • Designed to enhance the teacher experience
  • Used by all students so no ‘label‘ on user
  • Hygienic
  • Finished with rubber tape for grip
  • Kept clean easily
FocusBoard concentration screen packages

Contents Sample package

Order a FocusBoard discount package. You receive 6 FocusBoards with a free holder.

FocusBoard in use at home

FocusBoard concentratiescherm thuis in gebruik

Hello Robin,
Well 1st day of working with the focus board! And immediately the worst work in the whole world …. counting on paper😳 this time he did everything alone! Without grumbling! A miracle!!!!! Normally it’s crying, acting annoying, yelling that he doesn’t get it, too much work … and now nothing! Work done within half an hour! 🎉 what a wonder board! This will give so much peace of mind, I have even told the teacher that he will continue to work with this, also at school next year.

Attached a photo (that beaded thing is my homemade abacus 🤣)
Greetings Chantal

FocusBoard Trial packages

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